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Digi-Pill© (Front)
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An Automated Barcode Scanning

Digital Pill Dispenser

(Coming in 2014)


Digi-Pillę Slogan - Simple & Easy! Digi-Pillę Slogan - On Time! Every Time!



Incorrect Usage of Medication - Facts


20% of Elderly are taking 50 prescriptions every year! Keeping up with taking multiple medications can be a challenge, especially when specific prescriptions must be taken at their exact times during the day.

This can be even harder for elderly that have vision, hearing and memory impairment.

Roughly, 124,000 people with treatable ailments die every year in the United States because they do not take their medication properly.

85% of people over 65 on three or more medications are mismanaging their prescriptions.

60% of all medication users can't even identify their own medications.

30 to 50% of all patients ignore or don't read their medication instructions.

25% of retirement home admissions are related to improper use of their medications.

Medication users that take several pills daily, at times, forget to take their medication or forget that they have already taken their medication and double up by taking twice as much medication. This can be very dangerous.

Costs in hospitals in the United States for patients noncompliance are estimated at over 8 billion dollars annually.

There has been thousands of accidental deaths from incorrectly taking medication.


Digi-Pill© Automated Pill Dispenser Benefits


I invented Digi-Pill© to ensure medication is dispensed on time every time. With Digi-Pill©, I want to save lives.

Digi-Pill© is compact and has a sleek looking design and will change the way people take their medication in the near future. People that take multiple vitamins daily can also ensure they get their correct dosage by using Digi-Pill©.

With Digi-Pill©, especially the elderly, will never forget to take their medication again.Since Digi-Pill© has 1 visual alert and 2 audio alerts, deaf or blind people can still take their medication properly and safely.

Digi-Pill© is childproof and has a locking feature on the back to prevent children and other adults from getting into someone's medication.

Digi-Pill© barcode and barcode reader technology will completely automate medication usage so people that are impaired or have memory trouble can still take their medication properly.

Digi-Pill© has 4 air-tight pill compartments on the back to allow a customer to add 4 different types of prescriptions and allows dispensing of medication at multiple times daily.

Pharmacies, Drug Stores, Cancer Centers, Hospitals and Retirement Centers have never carried a fully automated digital pill dispenser. Digi-Pill© will be the first of it's kind to be offered around the world in 2014!

Cancer Patients are required to take their medication several times a day and they have to take them on time, for their medication to work for them. Digi-Pill© will ensure Cancer Patients get their medication on time.

Long-term patients in hospitals across the world rely on nurses to ensure they get their medication at the right time. With Digi-Pill© distributed in each long-term patient hospital room, this will free up nurses that administer medication to patients several times a day. Nurses can use their time more effectively in other capacities within the hospital.

Nurses working at Retirement Centers that administer medication several times daily to the elderly can use Digi-Pill© for their medication dosages. This will free up the nurses to attend to other matters within the Retirement Centers.

Digi-Pill© Automated Pill Dispenser will save medication users and Health Care Providers time, money and most of all, people's lives!

Currently, Digi-Pill© is being designed and developed in a factory overseas and will be on store shelves in early 2014 after the prototypes have been thoroughly tested.

President/Owner of Digi-Pill© - Brent Avery Waddell


3 Dispensing Alerts (Voice, Text, Buzzing)

2 Reminder Alerts for Pharmacist and Doctor























Digi-Pill© Diagrams


Digi-Pill© - Front View
Digi-Pillę - Front View


Digi-Pill© - Back View
Digi-Pillę - Back View


Digi-Pill© - Left Side View
Digi-Pillę - Left Side View


Digi-Pill© - Top View
Digi-Pillę - Top View


Digi-Pill© - Bottom View
Digi-Pillę - Bottom View


Digi-Pill© - Text Message Alerts
Digi-Pillę - Text Message Alerts


Digi-Pill© - Back View Schematics with CSA A/C Power Adapter
Digi-Pillę Schematics with CSA Approved A/C Power Adapter



Digi-Pill© - Details and Functionality


Digi-Pill© is a digital pill dispenser with a barcode reader that will automatically program the dispensing of your pills after you scan the Digi-Pill© barcode from the pill bottle.

When Digi-Pill© dispenses your pill at the right time, there are 3 alerts.

A voice will announce "Time to Take your Medication" followed by a red text message stating "Please take your medication from the dispenser below", followed by a 10 second buzzing sound.

Digi-Pill© has a 4 inch blue LCD clock on the front. The red text alert will replace the blue LCD clock at the time of the Pill dispensing Alert.

Digi-Pill© has 4 seperate air-tight pill compartments on the back. You can program 4 different sets of times to dispense your pills.

When the Pharmacist prints out the pill bottle label, there will be a special Digi-Pill© barcode included on the label.

The special barcode label will tell Digi-Pill© how many pills are in the pill bottle, when to start taking your medication, how many times a day, how many refills and when to call your doctor for a new prescription when the refills are out.

When the customer brings their pill bottles home, they scan one at at time using the barcode scanner on the left side of Digi-Pill©. Once their pill bottle is scanned a voice will instruct the customer to fill compartment one on the back of Digi-Pill©.

Once the pills are in and the air-tight lid is closed on the compartment, a green LED light will light up on the lid of compartment one. The green light indicates compartment one of the pill bottle is being used and it the pill bottle has been scanned from the barcode reader.

The customer can scan up to four bottles of pills for the four seperate compartments on the back of Digi-Pill©.

Once the customer has loaded up to four compartments worth of medication, they use a key on the back and lock all the compartments. This is important to keep children and other adults from getting into your medication. A great security feature.

If the customer dumps the pills into Digi-Pill© without scanning the barcode from the pill bottle, the LED light will turn red when closed indicating the pill bottle was not scanned.

The special feature for Digi-Pill© is the barcode on the pill bottle and the barcode scanner on the left side of Digi-Pill©.

Once the customer has pressed the "Scan" button on the left of Digi-Pill© and they have scanned their pill bottle and filled the pill compartment on the back, Digi-Pill© knows from the pill bottle barcode, how many pills are in the bottle, how many times a day the customer has to take their medication from each compartment. It will also know how many refills they have left and notify you with a voice and a buzz 4 days prior to getting refills to call your pharmacist and 2 weeks prior to calling your doctor for more prescriptions.

Each air-tight pill compartment holds up to 100 pills. As one pill is released, Digi-Pill© records the removal of the pill it dispenses. Once one of the pill compartments on the back goes down to less than a quarter full, a voice alarm goes off stating "It is time to fill Digi-Pill©" and the green LED lid will flash red on the pill compartment that is low.


On the front of Digi-Pill© contains a 4 inch blue LCD Clock showing the current time.

There is a "Settings" button and a "Select" button on the top of Digi-Pill© that allows you to use the "Arrow Keys" to navigate through and manually set all your settings including the LCD clock's time.

Settings Page (Manual Settings)

If your Drugstore Pharmacy does not print out the Digi-Pill© barcode on your pill bottle, you will have to manually setup your pill dispensing times.

Once you press the "Settings" button, it will ask you how many pill compartments you will use. It will ask how often do you take your pills per day. Starting time to finishing time. It will ask you how many pills you put in each compartment you are using. It will ask you to input how many prescriptions you received from your doctor. (Example - 3 months) It will ask you how long your pills will last you per prescription. (Example - 30 days)

Based on all your inputs, Digi-Pill© will store all this in the memory. You can also set the clock's time using the "Settings" button. 4 days before your pills run out, Digi-Pill© will notify you with a Voice message, followed by a Red Text Message, followed by a 10 second Buzz stating "It is time to call your pharmacist to order your refills".

2 weeks before the end of your last prescription, Digi-Pill© will issue a Voice alert stating "It is time to call your doctor's office to book an appointment to refill your prescriptions" along with a Red Text Message and a 10 second Buzz.

When you get more prescriptions from your doctor, Digi-Pill© will see you have previous settings and ask you if you want to retain them or reset them. If you select reset the settings, Digi-Pill© will confirm "Are you sure you want to reset your pill settings?" At this point you can select Yes or No.

Settings (Automated)

After scanning the barcode off the pill bottle with the Digi-Pill© barcode scanner, all the manual setting above are automatically added to Digi-Pill©.

On the 4 inch Blue LCD Clock, when it is time for your next dose, Digi-Pill© will dispense your next pills into an opening lip at the bottom middle of the dispensing tray. It will tell you to take your next pills and it will flash on the 4 inch screen in red "Please Take your Medication from the Tray Below" and after the voice, it will buzz for 10 seconds. You can press the "Cancel" button on the front left side of Digi-Pill© to stop the Alerts.

There is a "Reset" button on the top of Digi-Pill© to clear all past settings, manually or automated settings.

There is a "Hold" button on the front right side incase the customer is out and unavailable to use Digi-Pill©. Once the "Hold" button is pressed again, Digi-Pill© will start at the next scheduled time to take your medication. If Digi-Pill© detects the previous pills are still in the tray, it will not release anymore and it will go back into showing a red text message "On Hold". Take the pills out of the dispenser and press the "Hold" button again to resume.

Digi-Pill© uses electricity from a CSA approved black AC Adapter. On the bottom of Digi-Pill© there is a little compartment that holds a watch battery to retain the Manual or Automated Memory settings, incase your power goes out. (Memory Backup)

No more forgetting what time to take your pills at. No more forgetting to call your pharmacist for prescriptions or forgetting to make a doctor's appointment for your prescriptions ever again!

When it is time for the customer to take their pills, Digi-Pill© will not need interaction like an alarm clock to shut off the alerts, other than hitting the "Cancel" button. The red text message that replaces the blue LCD clock will stay there for 15 minutes and the buzzer only buzzes lightly for 10 seconds. (Vibrates)

Digi-Pill© is fully automated by using the Barcode Scanner, as long as your Pharmacy that gives you your medication uses the Digi-Pill© barcode on their medication bottles.

Pill Manufacturers, including vitamins, will adapt to Digi-Pill© by adding Digi-Pill© barcodes on all their pill bottles. Pharmacy's will adapt by adding Digi-Pill© barcodes on their pill bottles so the customer will not have to use the manual settings on Digi-Pill©.

As long as the Digi-Pill© barcode is on the customer's medication bottles, and they use the Digi-Pill© barcode reader, the customer does not need to be computer literate to use Digi-Pill© to take their medication on time, every time!







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